Small scale rock throwing and running in the streets by small gangs of kids so far here in Medellin, but the problem runs deep and is largely inspired by poor price and wage controls on the farmers.  The major effects are blocking of roads in rural areas and on the main artery between the three major cities.  The universities (surprise) are centers of protests in the cities, and there are sympathy work stoppages by professors and students and truck drivers.

LOOKS like OCCUPY in Oakland... both are important happenings but sometimes get outta hand.

The bottom causes reminds one of NAFTA problems as Colombia enters free trade agreements with the US especially for farm products.  Also at the base is , to some extent, the War on Drugs and the US "Plan Colombia" aimed at the small producers of ilicit drugs as cash crops in the border areas.

FARC INVOLVED????  Maybe... but they are really losing any hold except in the far border areas.

Of course they see this as a chance to make the trouble with Colombia grow into a temporary "win" for them.  They will do what they can to cause the most chaos.


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