Today For Lunch

Lunch... remembering that el almuerzo, lunch, is the main meal for the day, lemme tell you about mine,

I often meet Beatriz at the library, $3.00 cab ride from home, for lunch.  Today we went to the food court at El Gran Plaza Mall at the Parque de las Luces.  Sounds terrible right?  But this food court is made up of discreet restaurants specializing in home cooking and "Tipo" Colombiana food.  Yes there's a Sr Wok, and a hamburger americano joint, and the new and very popular Subway sandwich place,  but most of the rest are mom in back and dad and the girls in front cooking up absolutely great meals.  One of our favorites is Cazuelas y Ajiacco, but today I wanted fish.

Robalo a la plancha, breaded boneless white river fish, about 16 oz, with giant wedges of fresh limes, patacon, smashed plantains hard fried, brown sweet rice flavored with coconut milk, the ever present avocado wedge, a cabbage and tomato salad, with a light tartar sauce, all started off with a large bowl of fish consomme (this was special) and a large citron presse (unsweetened lemonade fresh squeezed) to waft it to heaven.  Seven bucks each.

Now I'm back at the apartment and our housekeeper,  Dona Sylvia, and I are listening to Brahms' First Symphony.  I am air-playing the tympani and she is working with her eyes reverently to the heavens.  Ah what a life!

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