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Aug 12 (8 days ago)
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 Not the best slide show but notice the Museo de Antioquia on the Plaza Botero with all of the monumental Botero bronzes.  This museum is A-1 in my opinion.


Antioquia, the state within Colombia of which Medellin is the capaital.  Bogota is the national capital in the state of Cundinamarca.  Bogtown is larger than Medellin but also higher and cold.

Paisa.. a person from Antioquia, noted for their sophistication, education and cool attitudes.  (  Beatriz is a Paisa.  (and I'm a gringo).

Bandeja Paisa// Paisa platter ... never fotographs well but it is a complete traditional lunch... rice, beans, avocado, sausage, ground pork, chicharron topped with a fried egg and served with beer or coffee or chocolate, arepas (corn pancake) and condiments such as salsa, cilantro, green salad and a small bowl of ajiacco..potato/ chicken soup.  Holy moly.  I had one once.. delicious and well, as the philosopher Alan Watts said, when you get the message, hang up the phone.

A Tourist video. for all of Colombia. "The Only Risk is that you will want to stay"
I wanna be like the middle aged man at the very end.

THIS is what I celebrate in Medellin...  The kids get it.  Medellin won the coveted MOst Innovative City in the World because of the city's investment in infrastructure and the kids.  Parque eXplora is a museum similar to the Exploratorium in SF.  Notice the metro, the Metrocable, the parks and libraries built in Santo Domingo barrio.  This is the third world turned upside down and made livable and inviting.

Love Larry 
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