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A Look at the City

Looking back from my Expat Life

LOOKING BACK, a little Looking back on the great times I had in San Francisco now that I live in Medellin, I need to say that I miss my grown up kids, now each with their own lives,  and that I miss the Giants… a few friends, not much more back in California. My new granddaughter of course...

I always have said that if you have to live someplace for the weather San Francisco is ideal...until you have lived in Medellin .  Both California and Medellin have no severe weather except for the California three year drought which I missed. You can depend on Medellin for having spring like weather all year long.  
Let’s just say that San Francisco got colder as I got older, or at least it seemed that way, Colombia where not everything is better than California except the taxes, the traffic, the cost of living, the care for the young and the old, easy access to high quality health care, the friendliness, the upward mobility, the fruits of the fight to make the city liveable, innovative, respec…

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