Personal Story  from 2013

The two weeks before coming to Medellin for the first time,  I realized I needed a root canal.  With my Delta Dental Insurance from Kaiser in my wallet I went to my dentist in San Ramon, (uh that's in California) and a quick consultation included 
1) come back in ten days
2) oh it's an emergency, well that's another $500 minimum
3) yes your insurance covers it except for $1800 worth
4) oh yes, with a porcelain crown-- another two weeks for fitting and manufacture
5) no guarantees of course

Hmmm, I said, OK, but let me see what might be the case in Medellin.  I had read that the medical and dental was good there... so I got on line and contacted a dentist in Medellin.

Actually, that very day he called me back at home, and in pretty good English told me he had studied in Texas, held all sorts of certs and I should come to his office and if I want he can get me right in with the certified oral surgeon on his staff.  He sent me a list of American references and said that the price will be $450 complete, including any x-rays ( I had my American dentist's xrays after paying $25 for a copy and resistance all the way to giving the films to me), complete exam, cleaning and when we;re finished he would also give me a complimentary UV whitening ( up to $500 in the US).

OK... so I arrived in Medellin with a tube of orajel for the pain, and called the doctor and he said come on up.  His office is in a modern high rise office professional building, with the prettiest receptionists,(this is Medellin after all)  absolutely modern, fully equipped as compared to a dentist in the US and we got going.  Wonderful , painless, modern service, measured for a crown and it was ready in two days.  $450!  yes, $450.  
(That's about COP 920,000.)
Fitting session included.  Follow up if needed included.  I didn't need it.  That was two years ago and everything is fine.



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