Sabaneta, MEDELLIN LIVING newsletter, and FOOD!

David Lee, the master Medellin blogger and writer, has a great article and fotos on authentic Paisa food especially as found in a restaurant, la Doctora,  in Sabaneta.  Check out his guidebook available from Medellin Living and on Amazon.

Sabaneta is a contiguous suburb south of Envigado (Pablo's central haunt when he was with us more than two decades ago... NO MORE!!!!). which is south of Medellin.  The central park there is a $5 cab ride from El Poblado in Medellin, or the buses (incl the one I fell of to break my arm last December 2,) go right there.  And Sabaneta now has its MetroStation as well.  Envigado has many sports complexes especially a skatepark and baseball fields!  It also boasts its own professional soccer club.

Sabaneta was my home in Medellin for the first months here when I was royally treated by my friend Edilma and her family.  She is a wonderful and beautiful Paisa.  Many of you met her when she visited SF and San Ramon last August.

Sabaneta's beautiful colonial church overlooks it's central square which is a park surrounded by restaurants, clubs, ice cream parlors, and a casino or two.

Since then I have lived in Envigado, Patio Bonito in Medellin and now Laureles, also a part of Medellin proper.