FROM THE AIRPORT  (MDE)  The modern International Airport from the US is in the valley to the east of Medellin near the town of Rio Negro. The best way to go to the city of Medellin  is by taxi, although there are more expensive excellent chauffeured car services available.  The car services will take your credit card for payment ( $45 ) and the drivers all speak English and will see to it that you are comfortably ensconsed in your hotel before they say good-bye.

The yellow cabs cost a flat rate of 58000 COP, about $26 US and only take COP.  I bet some would take US dollars but I'm not sure.  They will also take you to the door of your hotel and help you with your bags.  Once again, no tipping, but for gracious service a few thousand pesos, up to 10,000 COP ($5) would be nice.  There is a bus for those on really tight budgets which takes you to the north bus terminal, and there you can easily get a cab to complete your trip to your hotel.  (If you are visiting me, I will meet you at the airport without fail and take good care of you... No worries.).

If you are coming with a group with lots of bags you will have to take several taxis.  BTW, the taxi ride over the mountain is a scenic thrill especially as you drop down into Medellin, day or night.  The roads are excellent but do twist a bit as they come over the pass.  It's nowhere near the grade that we all love in San Francisco, but it's like an Interstate as it winds over a mountain, maybe like the Grapevine in California on I-5, but much shorter and not as high.  I really enjoy the ride to and from the airport here.

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