I'm including this in the blog to give you an idea of what one major venue here, El TEATRO METROPOLITANO has to offer since most of my friends are classical musicians and are interested in programming.


Tomorrow night we're going to hear the Macedonian pianist, Simon Trpceski, in a recital.   Beatriz' brother, Martin, said that he needs more vowels in his name. I mistakenly bought the cheap seats, $10.00 US because for some obscure reason I thought he was a percussionist and it wouldn't make a difference where we sat.  The expensive seats are $20.  I'll see if we can exchange them at the door.

Lang Lang  (!!!)  was here last month.  His seats went for $80, still a bargain, and $40.  When I saw him in Paris we sat in the balcony at les Salles Pleyel for 100 euros per seat.  A GREAT night.

Others who have performed recently at TM of interest are the Juilliard Jazz Quartet, Madonna, and multiple appearances of the youth orchestras and choruses. Now the Sixth Annual Music Festival begins and TM is one of the main venues.

When Beatriz and I first met I had seats for the Messiah  for Dec 10, 2012, at TM,  but I fell off the bus on Dec 2 and busted my arm,  so we didn't make it.  So TM is an important place in our relationship.

The Teatro Metrpolitano is located near the Plaza Mayor Expo Halls and is part of the Alpujarra renaissance, the old train depot area made brilliant with engaging and daring modern architecture.