Summing Up Why It's Great to Live in Medellin

In a paragraph or less....

well maybe more...

You might want to know that the water here is pure, safe and delicious mountain water. Smoking is forbidden in all restaurants and most bars and on the Metro. Colombian food is not like Mexican food. We live with windows as our airconditioning.  There are no bugs. The city is as safe as any large city. The transportation here in the city is by very inexpensive ubiquitous metered cabs or by our ultra modern metro system, Fernando Botero and Gabriel Garcia Marquez are from here and also Juanes and Pedro Nel Gomez.

Riding the Metrocable is like Disneyland for 85 cents. It is all casual and the weather is 74 degrees EVERY day all year. Recently Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart reviewed the food etc here and both loved it. Parks , squares and plazas everywhere. Medellin is the "Most Innovative City in the World" according to the Wall Street Journal and Citibank. The Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard School of Architecture, Huffington Post,  Forbes, Bloomberg, National Geographic, and the New York Times rave.

We have two spectacular festivals..Flowers in August and Lights for Christmas and festivals of all sorts all year.  We have great culture from Salsa to classical to opera to folklorico.  Our museums are state of the art with surprising collections of great art and exhibits in all the sciences.  Best coffee in the world. The town is green in fact and in attitude.  The Botanic Gardens in the center of town recreate the Amazon and the orchid strewn highlands of the surrounding areas. And it is very inexpensive for the tourist and retiree.  There are great neighborhoods and apartments and inexpensive hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast accomodations. We have a great group of expats who love it (almost) as much as I do.  And the folks here are tierna, amable, hermoso y agradable = nice!  And hard-working too! Nestled in a high Andean Valley its beauty extends to its streets and its women (I had to mention that!) 

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