Christmas Dec 2013

Some Christmas Fotos

 At the Mercado Arvi at the end of the Metrocable Line

Mary and David Peachin
Our FIRST visitors from the States---
Mary is getting a (TEMP) Butterfly Tattoo at Parque Arvi.

BTW Her Travel Blogs are fantastic.  A lot on Diving and the Sea!  Look Her Up!!!

At Candle Night
A tradition on Dec 7 and 8 each year.  Family, refreshments, lots of fotos! and Hugs!!!

On the driveway and entry to our apartment, rows of candles kept alight and allowed to burn out.  The neighborhood is resplendent in candle light and Christmas decorations.  Everyone is out on the street.

Beatriz, Dianita, Aylin y Angela

Fabio watching

Martin y Angela

Beatriz calling sister Yolanda in North Carolina

Video of apartment

The Lights at the River and Av La Playa are gorgeous!  The festival with all the music is moving along brilliantly as a counterpoise to the Feria de Las Flores in August.

A highlight of the season has been the visit of Mary and David Peachin, travel writers.  We have a mutual friend, Ellen LoMonaco.. Fifty plus years ago Ellen and I  were at Erasmus Hall HS together, graduating in 1962.  Ellen turned Mary on to visiting me in Medellin. They are fascinating and accomplished folks!  The highlights were a visit to see Beatriz at the EPM Library with its exhibit on loan from the Medellin Modern Art Museum, a walk down Carabobo Street!, the Museo de Antioquia, the Metrocable to Parque Arvi and of course the LIGHTS of Christmas.  They also met Andrea here at my place.

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