QUICK TRIP TO BOGOTA and the Gold Museum

EL DORADO- Bamboo raft on which the king, the Golden One,  rode out into the lake after having been coated in Gold Dust.  He then went into the lake and the gold dust along with many other pieces of sacred gold were "returned" to the gods under the earth.  The piece is about a foot long in pure gold.

Hi y'all... I'm flying down to Bogota for a quick trip today.  Gotta go to the embassy for some paper work.  And then I'm going to revisit the Gold Museum.  This has the largest collection of pre-Columbian (note spelling) gold work in the world incl the famous El Dorado Gold raft figurine.  It also is a wonderful new museum, state of the art.  It's worth a side trip if you come to visit Medellin.  Forty-five minute flight, six hours by mountain bus!  Ayayayayay...And it's on the same square as the National Museum.  I'm gonna try to pop in on both.  Cab is coming in a few minutes to take me to the airport in Rio Negro...  Hasta la vista, Baby!

Love, Larry and Beatriz
y Feliz Navidad....

Airport, brand new in Bogota, is called El Dorado.
Musical rattle.

Funerary container.

Gold strip about 18 inches long.

Ship shaped funerary goods holder.

One of six galleries filled with gold objects.

Inspiration for Rodin??  


God figure
Breast Plate

Pendant five inches high.

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