Colombian Weekend

Colombian Weekend... last December...


The Friday Night Party this time was for my future brother-in-law Fabio's Birthday.
THIS song was sung especially to me in best humor as a silly song and in no way represents Colombian music.  It's like an old frat song, but is so silly I just cracked up laughing.  No offense was intended, but the violence doubles up what Americans might think of Colombia.
"If you don't love me I'm gonna get my knife and Cut your cheek and  your belly button and Pull out your guts and show them to your Mama, and then I'll get a knife and a half and stab your wristwatch."
Well, I am on the floor laughing at this love song, and then Fabio called across the room, "Larry, it's a Lullabye".  I totally lost it!   I am still laughing.
Before the silly song session, the party started with a meal of rolled roasted and spiced lamb with cheeses and Chilean Merlot.  

Colombian music then and couples were dancing and trying to teach new steps.   Y M C A !!!

Suddenly it was Village People and Donna Sommer and the BeeGees and everyone tried the alphabet YMCA.  I was the instructor.

Saturday Night there was a Free concert of Grupo Sur America at the nearby outdoor Plazioletta Villa Aburra in Belen.  They are ten members, and some of their numbers were very close a capella.  They also used choirs of Peruvian flutes and pipes.  Guitars, keyboards, flute, and three on percussion.

 It seems that all of the members could play all of the instruments. They have been around since 1987 doing very sophisticated PopRock with an Andean twist of Peruvian flauta dulces and pan pipes.  It was a unique and polished sound.  Their fans seemed to know all the words to every song.  Beatriz was a big fan when she was at University and would travel to see them all around the province.

Sunday  Night ...A quick flying cab to Sabaneta, a contiguous suburb to the south, my old stomping grounds,  with Beatriz to see the lights in front of the church in the square.  And the church was bright and full of worshipers for Sunday night mass.  Delicious!  So were the giant bunuelos and coffee at El Peregino Restaurant in the open air under the Christmas lights.  

mmmm Bunuelos Gigantes!!

Parque Sabaneta

We watched the woman rolling the bunuelo dough and dumping the dumplings into the gigantic bowl shaped deep fryer.  

Meanwhile in all of the bars and restaurants and streets great  crowds were watching soccer on TV, the Championship game between Medellin's Atletico Nacional and Cali's Deportivo.  We won 2-0 and the fireworks went on all night!  Wow what energy.

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