OUR Thanksgiving in MEDELLIN

Our Thanksgiving Feast

It was a present from Beatriz to me seeing how I was missing traditional Thanksgiving   She made the best of it and it was wonderful. Una Accion de Gracias.. 

I added as many traditions as I could.  I explained some of the history and the importance of Thanksgiving . 
 ( The Spanish word for boring is "aburrido".). We had cranberry juice, baked potatoes, stringbeans with onions... but the rest was pork roast with tropical fruit sauce I made, chocolate cake, coffee liqueur, green salad with roasted red bell peppers and of course loads of coffee..  

Beatriz did most of the cooking but I got credit for it in spite of my protests.  We also went around the table telling what each of us was grateful for.  

Very cool!!!!

Friends and Family in the States, 
We missed you!!! Te estranio!!
Love, Beatriz y Larry

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