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Beauty all Around

Last weekend as Beatriz and I left our apartment at about 11 AM we both stopped, looked at each other and both agreed that we were absolutely stunned by the nature of the air.
 I used to teach giving a definition of weather as "the nature or  condition of the air at any given time".  But this was a special beauty of summation of the senses... the feel of the breeze, the smell of the breeze, the speed of the moving air, the de facto temperature of the air in motion and the clouds focusing the sun bursts coming out between them, the humidity, the density... all intensified to give forth a Medellin "Ahhhh".  Beautiful.   It's almost like that most days, but last Saturday it was even more so.

The Children are Beautiful!

The women...

A guidebook written by a guy for guys says that Medellin women are not just attractive, they are even more attractive than that.  Skin deep.  I know all that but still I am amazed.  On ca…

Museo de la Universidad de Antiouquia

Both Martin and Beatriz graduated from this large and beautiful campus, and brother Fabio teaches in the engineering school.

Martin, Beatriz' brother, and I took a look this morning at the University museum.  Strange and wonderful... an entire floor of stuffed animals from all over the world arranged by continent and ecosystem into dioramas of great beauty.  Unfortunately, they are all made to look as if they are tumbling out of a gigantic Noah's Ark.  Science muddied by religion.  I hope that not too many kids get to see this.  It's alarmingly silly.  It belongs in Texas.  I wonder if Noah had two tapirs and two jacarundis.

But the redemption came on the second floor where the Colombian pre-Columbian artifacts (note spelling) were displayed.  A treasure of a collection, literally.

And in the gift shop I was able to buy very inexpensive and well-done replicas, presents for Robert and Lauren back in San Ramon.

We had lunch on campus and Martin fell in love with the waitres…



Enjoy it!

And here we have a video featuring the Museo de Antioquia and the Plaza Botero, the Parque Espana on top of the metrocable line and its cubistic ultra Biblioteca, the kitsch Castello now an art museum, and a walk thru the chic el Poblado district.