Gourmet American... Skippy Smoothe


Larry at Supermarket :  Oh, maybe Andrea would like some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

Beatriz:  Que es esto??

Larry:  Uhhh  mantequilla de mani. Butter of Peanut.

Beatriz:  Que?

Larry:   Mani smoosh, Delicioso con mermelade.

Beatriz (in Spanish):  A sandwich with butter and mani smoosh and mermelade?

Larry:  No butter.   

Beatriz:  No????

Larry: Delicioso con  bananas!

Beatriz :  (In English) O my God!  Bananas????!!!!  

Larry walks to shelf in imported section.  There is one shelf-foot devoted to Skippy Smoothe.

Larry:  This.

Beatriz sees brown stuff thru glass container.  Makes face.

Larry:  Come on, we’ll try it!  You’ll like it!  The kid will love it.  Martin will eat it. It's great!!!

When we got it home I got out the mora, blackberry, jelly and two slices of whole wheat bread and the Skippy and made a lovely sandwich.  I called to Andrea to come and try this.  I asked Beatriz to take a bite, to smell the deliciousness of the p-butter, yummy.  Martin made his own.

Except for Martin’s half eaten sandwich, I have had the entire jar of Peanut Butter to myself.