Museo de la Universidad de Antiouquia

Both Martin and Beatriz graduated from this large and beautiful campus, and brother Fabio teaches in the engineering school.

Martin, Beatriz' brother, and I took a look this morning at the University museum.  Strange and wonderful... an entire floor of stuffed animals from all over the world arranged by continent and ecosystem into dioramas of great beauty.  Unfortunately, they are all made to look as if they are tumbling out of a gigantic Noah's Ark.  Science muddied by religion.  I hope that not too many kids get to see this.  It's alarmingly silly.  It belongs in Texas.  I wonder if Noah had two tapirs and two jacarundis.

But the redemption came on the second floor where the Colombian pre-Columbian artifacts (note spelling) were displayed.  A treasure of a collection, literally.

And in the gift shop I was able to buy very inexpensive and well-done replicas, presents for Robert and Lauren back in San Ramon.

We had lunch on campus and Martin fell in love with the waitress.  Good Choice Martin!

We sat on a wall made of Andesite rock and poor Martin had to listen to my petrographic diatribe about andesite in bad GeoSpanglish.  Que pobrito!

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