Thursdays are Special

T-storming all about... but in a few hours we may get the transmontane sunset look. Gorgeous in all its moods...Medellin... Coming down wowsers rattling the roof over the interior veranda. My studio looks out to the inner court, so I can't hear the Brahms I have on the stereo, the Fourth Symphony. Dona Sylvia is arranging stuff in the veranda. Plants, wood for the new library furniture. Martin's workbench.

Today started with a gentle knock on my bedroom door.  "Senor Larry, tu quieres desayuno?"  "I'd love breakfast, thanks Dona Sylvia".  Beatriz was already at work and little Andrea was at school.  Dona Sylvia had already prepared Martin's breakfast and the aromas filled the place.  A quick shower, hot then warm then Rica Rica---cold.  

Breakfast was what Martin called "un Calentado".  He claimed it was an Antioquian treat, special to Medellin.  "You take this and this and this and that and mix with an egg or two.  Really good!  A Calentado... a hot stuff."  The This and This etc. was cooked brown rice, stripped chicken , fried sweet bananas, onions, peppers, and eggs... Yes a leftover omelette... not unique to Colombia except for the bananas perhaps (I didn't tell them that) served with a buttered grilled  arepa and white cheese, and an ice cold slightly sweetened chocolate milk.  Wonderful!!!  And typical of breakfast here.  It's nice having a housekeeper and I wish she could come here everyday.  But this makes Thursdays special.

After breakfast I checked my email, and looked to see if the counter on my blog had changed.  Yup, a few ticks.  

I bid Martin (Beatriz' brother), and Dona Sylvia adios and headed off to Los Molinos Mall to hit up my ATM for the rent money.  Then a coffee and wholebran muffin at Juan Valdez Coffee House, the major chain here in Medellin, and about a half hour finishing my reading of "Stoker's Manuscript": by Neil Proutty, a Vampire story set in modern day Transylvania,,, a good one, a page turning treat and a guilty gorey pleasure.  On my Kindle I'm also reading an Agatha Christie mystery, "The Coming Storm" by Winston Churchill, "The Great Gatsby" again for the first time since high is MUCH better now, and "The Sword of Constantine", a non-fiction about how Christian Europe got to hate the Jews so much ( so what else is new?)  

Now back home, beating the storm to my front door I played with Pepe the cat a bit and then sat down to write this.  And to sneak in the fact that Beatriz has said yes and we plan to be married in November when I come back from getting my visa renewed in San Francisco.  So this, besides being a great joy to write is my sneaky way of seeing who's reading.  Send me some congrats, OK?!  I am filled with joy!!!!!