The Paseo in the Country

Above Medellin is another plane.  The mountains that bound the city on the east and west have rilly plateau tops, and there on the east side you will find the towns of Altos de las Palmas, Santa Elena (home of the flower bearers) and the EcoPark Arvi.  

We spent Sunday at the finca, the country home, of Aylin y Gustavo, Beatriz' little sister and her brother-in-law.  They have just finished building the large three bedroom estancia along a well paved road winding around Las Palmas, and as we approached in our taxi from town a procession of Beamers, Mercedes's and Volvos passed us going downhill. Some folks up here have very nice cars!!!!
  The Great Room at Aylin and Gustavo's Finca.  Window walls and fine woodwork everywhere.

Brothers Fabio far left and his wife Dianita, Brother in Law Gustavo with housekeeper and Sister Aylin in background, Brother Martin on Right.

Dinner in the late afternoon had Aylin and the housekeeper cooking up a storm into what became green salads, the local version of a rich three cheese lasagne (without any tomato sauce!) , flan and eventually, after the paseo through the countryside, rich hot chocolate into which they put saltines and farmer's cheese to melt together and eat with a to me. And of course, lots of coffee.

We all left the housekeeper behind for the after dinner walk as the temperatures slowly fell.  
We were 1500 feet above Medellin, and eventually the temps reached 15 deg C..  On the walk were Beatriz and I, little Andrea, her new friends, the housekeeper's little sons Luis y Juan, Aylin and Gustavo, brother Martin and brother Fabio and his wife Dianita...and the beagle.  And tons of flowers, fruit trees and semitropical woods including bananas, and my favorite road sign, CURVAS PELIGROSAS.

  Beatriz with BB cap prepping for the Paseo.

Around the fire on our return Gustavo started telling jokes and everyone was in stitches.  They say that the final level of language fluency is understanding and laughing at jokes.  I ain't anywhere near there.  But it was a great day and evening.  Before we left we all went out to look at the stars.  There was Venus following the sunset and standing straight up slicing thru the plane of the ecliptic was the Via Lactea, the Milky Way.  We all also got into Penguins and making penguin noises.  I think it's because I was dressed in black and white but I'm not sure.

Neighbor's Finca

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