Recently the Live and Invest Overseas experts met with the public in San Antonio Texas.  These were some of the remarks..

Thanks to my friend Kathleen Peddicord who got me down here thru her publications and newsletters...

From Live and Invest Overseas Conference..
"Kathleen, Lee Harrison's Colombia country presentation convinced me. I'm going to Medellin. What are the dates for your next conference there?...”

"Kathleen, I'm trying to decide between Medellin and Europe. What do you think? Could I really, possibly, afford Europe? Maybe France or Italy? Or is that a pipe dream? And, if I can't afford Europe, do you think that Medellin is a reasonable compromise choice?...”

[Response: This attendee likely could afford Europe, given her budget. I suggested that she wander over to Euro-expert Jocelyn Carnegie’s table and have a focused conversation to detail costs and budgets. However, should she decide she's not confident her nest egg could support Europe, then, yes, Medellin would be a great compromise choice. Very European city offering a very European lifestyle at a super-bargain rate.] "
and I have to add...perfect weather and great medical services.

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