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Various Recent Fotos and Videos...

Moonlit Ceremony in Medellin Graveyard

Parque de las Luces
Andrea on boat at Rosario in Caribbean
Angela y Martin
Angela y Martin
Aylin in the Country
Beach folk at Boca Grande, Cartagena

Burger King in Departure Lounge at Medellin Airport
Cartagena Sunset

Packing up at Santa Fe de Antioquia Luana picks up strange boy at the Mall

Torre de la Reloj, Cartagena
Andrea relaxing at home
Diana at Rondalla
El Dorado
Countryside , la Rondalla, Guarne

Graffiti en Medellin

Grafitti around town....  click In 2012, local artists were invited to paint murals alongside the escalators in Comuna 13. This one, "The Lovers" by A. Ortiz, was one of my favorites. Like ·  ·  Larry RoseIt's strongly recommended that lone tourists do not visit the escalator. Bad vibes in Comuna 13. Too bad. I've never seen it. But I gotta say that there is a high level of wall art / graffiti in Medellin. We just got our local highway overpass done by some local folk. I;ll send pictures at a later date. Impressive work...

A Letter I wrote Three Years ago gets published in" Live and Invest Overseas"

What a nice surprise!!! Wonderful!!!

Kathleen Peddicord Thanks!!!!!!!
A Letter from three years ago which finally got published in "Live and Invest Overseas." It was a surprise seeing it! "Kathleen, I am renting in Medellin for the long haul. I am 66-years-old, so the long haul I hope will be long, but, even if not, I feel I have found an answer for myself and for other readers on low incomes. "I am guaranteed by my pension and Social Security a grand total of US$3,050 per month. I saved up a few bucks in California by some hard work and the kindness of friends and family and bought a ticket to Medellin on your recommendation and after much Internet research. "At the airport the passport agent gave me three months of a tourist visa OK when I asked him for it. Then a most splendid cabbie took me to a very nice neighborhood, a separate village just south of Medellin,  called Sabaneta, which I had researched on the Web. Very cozy, Sabaneta has everything a newbie migh…

Medellin's "NO GO" and MOST BORING AREAS too

Used to be the whole city was NO GO... 

I disagree with calling the Museo de Antioquia boring... but , well maybe.  But ya gotta see the Boteros and the traveling exhibitions.

I like their blasphemous take on Parque Lleras, Gringo Central.  Very courageous and oh so correct ....

The Rain Came Early

The earth's crust must have slipped thirty degrees east because it started to rain in Medellin at 2 PM. Funny I didn't feel it. 

Seriously though, I had my day planned out with the 4 o'clock inundation factored in. I left my place and walked the four long blocks to the luxury gourmet supermarket ( Carulla ) with its bank and gourmet coffee shops and wifi and juice bar and designer uniforms on the staff. Got my designer coffee and read a bit from "1491" by Mann. I looked around at the folks whose blood contained in greater or lesser degree ancestral strains from the builders of the incredible civilizations outlined in the book, the builders of Macchu Picchu, and the Amazonian geoglyphs, the heirs of El Dorado. . My gosh they are beautiful people here in Colombia. 

I did a little shopping and prepared to leave at 2:30 when I saw it was raining. I could have sat back down to read some more, another coffee perhaps,  but I wanted to rush to my computer to report this to…

Friendly Cabs

It's always a good idea to ask a cabbie in Medellin if he or she has visited the US.  Just this week I had a cabbie who said yes. "Do you know where Pasadena is?" he asked.  I replied yes, that I am from Northern CA and my daughter marched in the Rose Parade.  "Oh, I didn't know it was an important thing.  All the way from San Francisco?"  Yes, I said.  She was honored.  "Well I march in the Flower Festival in Medellin.  Now that's an important thing."

Another said that he had lived in San Clemente for three years but then moved to Houston where his ex and his two daughters are today.  "But I had to come back to Paradise",  he said in excellent English.  "Houston was terrible.  So was Beaumont.  Do you know Beaumont"  I answered yes and asked what he was doing in Beaumont. "Ten years for drugs," he said.  "Don't worry, no more."