Mani Smoosh! Transitions to Life in Medellin

Expat Transition in Spanglish

Larry at Supermarket with Beatriz :  Querida,  I would like, quisiera,  a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.
Beatriz:  What is that?  Como?
Larry:  It is butter of peanuts.,,  peanuts,...uh,  mani in Spanish.
Beatriz:  What??? Que?
Larry:   Mani smoosh.  It is delicious with jelly.  
Beatriz :  Un sanduche con mani smoosh y  jelly? What is jelly?
Larry:  Mermelade is jelly in Spanish. Peanut butter.  Not butter.  It is like butter.  You put it on bread.
Beatriz:  Seriously? No es verdad!
Larry: Mermelade or  bananas on a sanduche con mani smoosh!  Mmmmmm … good!
Beatriz :( in English)..O my God!  Bananas????!!!!  y mani smoosh???
Larry:  This is peanut butter.
Beatriz sees the brown stuff through the glass container.  She makes a face.
Larry:  Come on, we will try it!  You will like it!  Your daughter will love it.
So,  when we got it home I got out the mora (blackberry) jelly and two slices of whole wheat bread and the Skippy, and I sliced a banana thin and made a lovely sandwich.   I asked Beatriz to take a bite, to smell the deliciousness of the p-butter, yummy.  

Of course I have had the entire jar of Peanut Butter to myself.

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