The Rain Came Early

The earth's crust must have slipped thirty degrees east because it started to rain in Medellin at 2 PM. Funny I didn't feel it. 

Seriously though, I had my day planned out with the 4 o'clock inundation factored in. I left my place and walked the four long blocks to the luxury gourmet supermarket ( Carulla ) with its bank and gourmet coffee shops and wifi and juice bar and designer uniforms on the staff. Got my designer coffee and read a bit from "1491" by Mann. I looked around at the folks whose blood contained in greater or lesser degree ancestral strains from the builders of the incredible civilizations outlined in the book, the builders of Macchu Picchu, and the Amazonian geoglyphs, the heirs of El Dorado. . My gosh they are beautiful people here in Colombia. 

I did a little shopping and prepared to leave at 2:30 when I saw it was raining. I could have sat back down to read some more, another coffee perhaps,  but I wanted to rush to my computer to report this to you. I could have taken a cab from the front of the store for the minimum fare of $2.20 US. But instead I saw it was a gentle and warm rain, so I grabbed a store flyer, put it on my head, and began the walk home. Ah the air was puffy with moisture and the drops cooled the shoulders on my shirt. Very nice here in Medellin.
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