Friendly Cabs

It's always a good idea to ask a cabbie in Medellin if he or she has visited the US.  Just this week I had a cabbie who said yes. "Do you know where Pasadena is?" he asked.  I replied yes, that I am from Northern CA and my daughter marched in the Rose Parade.  "Oh, I didn't know it was an important thing.  All the way from San Francisco?"  Yes, I said.  She was honored.  "Well I march in the Flower Festival in Medellin.  Now that's an important thing."

Another said that he had lived in San Clemente for three years but then moved to Houston where his ex and his two daughters are today.  "But I had to come back to Paradise",  he said in excellent English.  "Houston was terrible.  So was Beaumont.  Do you know Beaumont"  I answered yes and asked what he was doing in Beaumont. "Ten years for drugs," he said.  "Don't worry, no more."