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Starbucks is COMING TO COLOMBIA.....  Coals to Newcastle? Brains to Berkeley?  Well, the folks here might want to experience the different brews from around the world.  As far as shop ambience of Starbuck's or Peet's in the States with gifts and wi-fi and specialty coffee drinks, we already have more than enough with our Juan Valdez, GMA and de Lolita's Coffee shops.  So what will Starbuck's offer that's different...?  Kenyan coffee?  Jamaican?  And they better have their prices checked at the border... and the sizes of the drinks in the US are ridiculous and not part of the Colombian taste and custom.  TWENTY OUNCES (veinte) of BLACK COFFEE???  The usual drink here is a tinto, three ounces for forty-five cents US. Oh, and here in Colombia the coffee houses offer liqueurs at additional low cost added to your coffee.  And no messing around with "half caf, soy pumpkin frappe lattes" either.  
Post by Larry Rose.
Although you can get Splenda instead of the raw…