Colonial town of Santa Fe de Antioquia, former state capital, has retained its colonial charm.  I met an expat, former commercial pilot,  at a cousin's home down there last night, so cordial inviting us all in for coffee and sandwiches and fruit,  and he, from New Orleans said it reminded him of New Orleans.  It was one of the first things I noticed about SFde A..yes it's like the Spanish colonial sections of New Orleans.!!!

SF de A is a few thousand feet lower than Medellin so it's more tropical,  Still it is cooler than the coastal cities of Cartagena and Baranquilla and a lot lot warmer than Bogota which is up at 8000 feet.  The nieces and nephews from Bogtown complained ( a bit) about the warm temps, (78 deg) in Medellin, up to 85 in the shade at midday in SF de A.

The nephews from Bogota are the sons of sister Yolanda who is married to a US engineer and who lives in North Carolina.  The boys, Juan Carlos and Felipe, and their wives, Vivian and Tatiana respectively, grew up in Bogota.  Felipe and Tatiana (both she and he are absolutely good-looking in their early thirties)  could only stay the weekend while Juan Carlos and Vivian and the kids stayed a few days more.  They all piled into my very large place in Laureles, Medellin, and we were all very comfortable.

Diana, Martin at the rear, Angela,  and Beatriz.  We  drank a lot of coffee and lemonade, fresh squeezed, and just a few beers (also fresh squeezed!).

RAIN.  A sudden torrent while we were dining under cover but al fresco.  The rain at some points came near our tables and cooled us off a bit.  For those of you who have read my blogs you know how much I love the rain here.  Short, intense, sweet...like life should be eh? (except for the short part.)

Lunch during the rain!  Most of us ordered robalo (sea bass) a la plancha, grilled, with a green salad, rice, arepa, frijoles antioquena, and avocado.  Some ordered steaks.  Cost for the ten adults and kids, $65 US with drinks and coffee.  This kind of price is typical in Medellin as well.

Coffee (tinto) in the rain.

Martin was amazed by the rain!


One of the best pictures of los novios, Angela y Martin.

Panorama a la Mesa.

Nephew Juan Carlos from Bogota is up here for the week with his family, the beautiful Vivi, Daughters Lara 9, and Luanna 1.

Diana, Angela, Aylin and Beatriz

Vivi and baby Luanna.... CUTIES!!!

Larry with drinkie... no, no paper umbrellas.  Too classy!

Wild Volleyball

and Basketball

  Soon to be Sister-in-law Diana, wife of soon to be Brother-in-law Fabio

She wins all the games, a natural southpaw.

Angela with set shot...

Mi Bonita Beatriz!!

Left to right...Angela, Aylin, Lara, Gustavo, Me, Beatriz, Juan Carlos, baby Luanna and Vivi!  Missing from the shot are Martin, Diana and Fabio!  What a gang!!

And of course we all missed Andrea.. but she joined us here in Medellin when we got back from Santa Fe de Antioquia so she had time with cousins and the little ones, Lara and Luanna and Pepe the cat.


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