Addressed to a person who puts down Soccer because they don't score a lot...Silly attitude..

To those who think American sports are superior to Soccer and that soccer is "boring".. It's the same word used by American idiots who know nothing about baseball.  "It's so boring...ugh". Jerks...... Read this..Soccer was organized at the elite English boarding schools for gentlemen. It is not "kids in rags kicking around a tumbleweed" as you say. That is almost racist when YOU say it.. The fact that it does not require thousands of dollars of equipment and can be played by just about any moderately in shape person (including kids in a back alley) as a recreational sport is a PLUS!! As far as the quality of the athletes at the professional level, do you see an American football player running for ninety minutes? And there are virtually no substitutions in soccer.  No. A baseball player? Never. A Basketball player, yes for 48 minutes with tons of rest for fouls, unlimited and constant substitutions etc on a small court. 

Your emphasis on scoring points is pitiful. Yesterday's Niners game was 23-17, but the teams scored points only 8 times (4 TDs and countless boring automatic Field Goals) not counting extra points. That's equivalent over time to a 2-1 soccer score.   According to you all the rest of the NFC championship was just "moving the ball forever without scoring any points" like how you lamely tried to insult soccer knowing NOTHING about it. You know nothing about set plays, about boxing and triangular play, about time management, about defense and sweeping, about the potentialities in the corner kick, throw-ins, off sides traps etc..... My friend said the third man rule ruined hockey for him (talk about a dull game especially on TV) because there aren't enough fights. And what is football but mugging each other with gigantic guys and dirty play??? There are so many penalties that the refs decide who wins and who loses.  Look at the SF -Seahawks game given to the SeaHawks by bad calls and worse non-calls.  BORING!!!!  And baseball without juice is going to be even more of a snore. You like American sports because you can root for a home team which is made up of a bunch of Southern ignoramus millionaires who have NOTHING to do with your home city. How brilliant is that??? At least city pro soccer has something to do with local players even though at the highest levels players are traded like in baseball and they are paid more by the way. Must be a reason for the higher pay. Maybe because it is a better game and you disagree with the WORLD on that. Open your mind and your eyes. As an American you are taught to discount and disparage the thoughts of anyone but the Republican Party.  Sonny, American sport is insignificant compared to soccer. "Being an American is a good thing" you say but not if it makes you ignorant and closed minded like most "We're Number One!! "Americans. Number one in what??? Not sports for sure. Not in much anymore. Very sad you still think so because that keeps you from doing something to make our country greater like opening your eyes to the world.
In light of the referee ruined 49er game, a friend and I started discussing soccer vs American sports..
  1. Baseball?
    •  I used to go to a lot of Giants games at the stick with my buddy Ralph. About 30 minutes before the game started he'd open the local paper and read it for nine innings. He told me he didn't miss any of he action and he got to read his paper.

  2. In light of the referee ruined 49er game, a friend and I started discussing soccer vs American sports..

    He said, guess what? He said SOCCER IS BORING! I american of you to say so. But...every corner kick, save, well done play, and even the few goals all are highlight films for their action. The action is continuous except for the few penalties. There;s a lot of action on the field and in the stands that us Americans lose when all we want to see is scoring. Your attitude is ignorant and parochial. Baseball is my favorite but it was described as the only sport you can play and still get a nap during the game. And how come a football game is 60 minutes of action when each play is about four seconds long from snap to tackle. Most of the official time in the game is dead time. And that doesn't count time outs for who knows what, injury and commercials making the whole experience 3 hours long. Now that can be very boring.

    Let's see ...50,plays times 5 seconds each (and I'm being generous) -- 250 seconds--- a little over four minutes of plays unless you want to count getting up and running back to the huddle as action. Soccer=almost 90 full minutes of action. By calling it boring you're being cool or something. You are just repeating what your friends say over beer watching four minutes of action in an NFL game. Buuurp in the other direction next time.
  3. It's harder for a ref to destroy a soccer match than it is an American football game. First of all the rule book is short and does not weigh 15 pounds.
    Seriously, people because of their bad and impoverished upbringing think that baseball is "boring". For the same reason it's cool in America to say that soccer is boring. As a fan of both I can tell you that neither one is boring. Soccer is 90 minutes of action punctuated by a few VERY MEANINGFUL GOALS. A point in Soccer is as important as ten or twenty in US football. Of course US football has so much dead time in it I wonder why people find it exciting. It was estimated that the actual action from snap to tackle in a full game is 250-300 seconds. Let's say that's six minutes. The rest is getting up, running back to the huddle or sidelines and substitutions. The rest of the three hour broadcast is commercials and more commercials, lame half time shows, more commercials, injuries, times out, the 2 minute warning, instant replay for the officials etc. Only replays during dead time make the game watchable. And being ravenous fans too for teams who rarely have any players representing their local city. All of the above does not exist in soccer broadcasts, and ninety minutes is ninety minutes. Any breaks for injury are made up in extra time.

    DON'T get me wrong. As a loyal American I love watching the Niners and the Raiders kick ass. But I also love to watch Barca and our local Atletico, and ManU and Man City and Liverpool and the world cup . Colombia is in this year and I'm gonna go nuts just like I did when the Giants won the Series!

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