Cousins Visit and we go to El Retiro

Cute little ball of energy started calling me Abuelo (Grampa).  I was honored!!

Kid with a definite attitude!

Cousin VIVI and her daughter LUANNA.........Mami, what are you doing?

 OKAY, all together now....  Vivianna y Luanna

ANDREA, LARA AND LUANNA--- best second cousins, shared dolls and shared responsibility to entertain the Baby!

Tatiana lost to Husband Cousin Felipe by  1 PIN!!!


 Angela, Aylin, Cousin Felipe, his brother Juan Carlos and JC's wife Vivian

 Lara and Aylin

I explain the the term "Rocking Chair" and "Rock and Roll" are similarly derived...

Feliz Navidad!

 papa and Baby

El Retiro colonial street

Drive to El Retiro

Yolanda's son number two, Felipe. (Number One is Juan Carlos).  Yolanda and Beatriz and Aylin and Maria Eugenia are sisters.  Their brothers are Martin and Fabio.  Got it?

 Colombiana Beauty, Cousin Tatiana  (Tati), wife of Felipe.

Three more Colombian Beauties, four if you count Nino the dog.

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