Take a CAB

Taxi Stand in El Centro

MEDELLIN........... Of all the great stuff in Medellin, transportation is the best bargain..... and most convenient of anywhere I know... So, take a cab..especially if there are two or three of you and you can often easily beat the bus or metro fares (even though they are ultra-inexpensive too. ) 

Taxis are cheap, clean, all yellow... no tipping... maybe you can round up for a small propina (tip). No special night fares. All cabs are metered!!!... 

And the taxis are ubiquitous so it's VERY RARE to have to wait. You can phone for one or hail one on the street or get one at the many taxi stands all over town. Laureles to Lleras 8,000 or so... four bucks, LLeras to Estadio, Five bucks. It's very convenient. Belen to Lleras is about $4.50, although why anyone would leave Laureles or Belen or Estadio for Parque Lleras is beyond me. 

IMHO Buses are nuts and dangerous... cowboy drivers. Accelerate brake, accelerate break my bones...accELERATE!!!!!!!

On the Metro it can be hard to get a seat but the system is easy and efficient and clean and safe and scenic. Green Metro buses are available from all neighborhoods with transfer to Metro for a bit extra.... $1.10 US for bus plus metro fare. 87 cents for bus only or metro only.   You do NOT need exact fare.   

Going from the Metro to Metrocable is free transfer and visa versa. 


Corollary...a car in Medellin? You kidding me? Nah!  WHY would you need one except to get out of town to localities...and the long distance buses are very good, modern, usually European -built and inexpensive.  No chickens. 

 Cab drivers will help you load your packages at supermarkets or malls etc and help you unload at your destination. Really, that's the way to go. 

I've been here 4 years and the rumors about screwing the gringo??? Crime-laden cabs? Not in my experience. One guidebook says always call for a cab, never hail one. Uhhh not true in my extended and intense cab riding experience. (I'm sure we'll now here about all the times cabbies screwed the expats... boring , especially since I'm from New York, and in Paris where I lived all the cab drivers are pimps.)  

Some cabbies speak some English and most are glad to find out about you and where you're from. They tell great stories about the States and their relatives there. Generally a nice bunch of guys who work hard, a few women drivers too who also work hard.

Worst rip-off I experienced was when a female driver tried to take me up Cerro Nutibarra to get to the Teatro Metropolitano.  I told her to turn around, and I refused to pay the extra 15 cents that were on the meter.

Best cabbie story..he asked me if I had ever been in Texas and I told him yes, Houston, San Antonio.  "Ever been in Dalhart?," he asked. 

"No, what were you doing in Dalhart?"

"Five to ten for possession of drugs." he replied. 

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