OPERA in Medellin and New York


 a word of comparison.... Marvelous culture in Medellin  
TheTeatro Metropolitano in Medellin is performing "La Boheme" this Thursday and Friday at 8PM and tickets are $20, $30 or $40 dollars. Taxi from El Poblado is $4.00, dinner for two somewhere really nice, $40.

The Metropolitan Opera in New York is performing "La Boheme" this week. Tickets cost from $125 to $350 each. Parking nearby is $50 for the evening.. Dinner before or after the opera is $100 per couple.(easily).

New York or Medellin, there has to be a reason why this is everyone's favorite opera... an introduction to opera for those new to it, an old beloved friend of those who love the tunes, drama and settings. Premiered in 1898, it is set in the barrios of Montmartre in 1840 where two passionate couples meet, fall in love, and rejoice and play with the most special music by the master of heart rendering music, and tragically end losing each other to poverty, consumption and the cold of winter. Great STUFF!!! I'm weeping for Mimi as I write....