CEDULA...usually NO PROBLEM! Blood Tests!

Adventure in Cedula Procurement... Brand new office around the corner from the old entrance on Calle 19, it all looked good yesterday for an in and out cedula experience.

Senor...You have a photo?
No.. last time I was here you took my foto direct on to your computer.
You need a foto... go to the corner for 6 thousand COP. OK... go to corner...
no prob... five minutes.
Go back wait another ten minutes.
Name is called... brief interview.
Pay.. when I sat down the TELEBANK service was working.. just put in my debit card. Oops.. service is down. Wait half hour until they find out the service will be back
 Friday. Many apologies.
Go to Banco Occidente at Unicentro. No probs at Bank... muy amable...
back to Calle 19. five minures and out. So the process could have taken 10 minutes, but wound up being 2 and a half hours. But when it all works which is usual, it's ten minutes depending on how many are ahead of you.
I just ran into some of my neg Karma.
6:15pm Sep 18

Arian adds....i was over the limit once. got my visa in VE and stayed for a while. I was ignorant to the rules and they hit me with a few hundred k. i think it was 600k. i also didnt register my visa for almost a year

2:23pm Sep 18
And.....   By the way... do not scoff at being over the 15 day limit to Register your new Visa and start the cedula process. The fine can be thousands of DOLLARS! Also do not scoff at giving them your change of address whenever you change Colombian address. . More fines if you don't and then if you have to enter the system for anything you will be caught and fined..


BLOOD TEST for Cedula... one time unless your blood changes type and I don't want to know what Planet you're from....

Where can I get a blood test done? I just need to know my blood type for my cedula. Thanks!
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  • Isabel Yepes Almost any clinical lab, or donate blood and they tell you for free.
  • Ollie Lythe clinica las vegas is an easy option
  • Larry Rose HERE's the first two from the Yellow Pages....
    Más información
    Cl 27 45-109 P-4 Colombia, Medellín
    Teléfono: (57) (4) 4447428

    Más información
    Cr43 C 5-33 Colombia, Medellín
    Teléfono: (57) (4) 4444200 ext: 1

    There are places near migracion...few blocks away, takes 10 mins, anyone can guide you there
    Shane Talmage
    Shane Talmage3:36pm Oct 6
    another good lab for such things is on calle colombia near 80. Unilab S.A. calle 50 #78-70 phone4444633 ... i had a few tests done there also, and they emailed the results the next day.. did the test to see if my iron count and such was ok.-- USUALLY YOU CAN WAIT for the result of blood typing at most clics.
    Shane Talmage
    Shane Talmage3:32pm Oct 6
    ps i asked for 2 laminated copies and they gave me an extra and i use one in the wallet in case of an accident.
    Shane Talmage
    Ivan Arroyave
    Ivan Arroyave1:36pm Oct 6
    Search the nearest branch of Congregación Mariana for you, it's cheap and good quality in procedures

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