• , the Huff post talking Medi. More gringos are aware now 
  • Larry Rose But mine still won't come. It's not Medellin...it must be me, but I do bathe once a month whether I need it or not.
  • We have to excuse our brothers back in the U.S. They get their info from the wrong places most of the time. Some of my friends even if I paid for the ticket won't come here. It saddens me that I can't share my happiness with some of the people I care about the most.
  •  How anyone can say it is safe in Medellin I cant understand to me it is still one of the most dangerous city in the world.  consulate can not help and Colombia is 1 of the cocaine producer of the world
  •  I can't say it's not a dangerous city.. Most of the Homicides are gang/drug related. There have been some estranjeros killed over the years but I don't think it's at an alarming rate.
  • Larry Rose TO.... -- all big cities are unsafe. I can take you to parts of Paris that would scare the hell out of you. I used to live in Oakland . Try that sometime. So what if Colombia produces cocaine? It's the turf wars in Mexico , and other consuming cities in the US and Europe.. especially LA that are really dangerous. In any large city you can meet a guy who can make it the worst day of your life. Repeat:... in any city. BTW The murder rate in Wash DC is higher than that of Bogota.
    per capita.
  • I would why take the chance if you are older from what I see that is why all the backpacker are coming to Medellin it has to be the Drug Trade
  • Larry Rose Your American consulate does not help if you are arrested. It does not provide medical care or anything...anywhere in the world. Maybe they will help you get a message out, but that's all they will do. What do you expect them to do for you, keep you free of some crime perpetrated against you anywhere in the world?
  • so I guess as long as you produce Cocaine you are safer?
  • Larry Rose No, it would be better if there were no cocaine, but as long as the US supplies the demand the trade will continue.  It is a problem of US consumption. If backpackers come here for drugs and sex well they are taking a chance and quite frankly I hope it bites them in the ass. m They are young and generally that means stupid with respect to those things.
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  • all the people that loose the life because Drugs id just there own falt.
  • Larry Rose Well, we could say that it is the fault of the criminalization of cocaine and marijuana which makes it so lucrative.  If you are a cocaine abuser you have a Medical Problem  It should not be a crime.  
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  • Medellin has so much to offer. If you run around without any street smarts and create the gringo image around yourself, if you do stupid things like druga and the sex trade, if you don't watch your drinking and wander into strange neighborhoods you are going to get into trouble...in any city in the world and in most small towns too. Sheesh!
  • Stay safe. Enjoy our beautiful city and its fine people.
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  • so if we spend money in Colombia we are helping the drug trade bringing more gringos
  • I seriously doubt the backpackers are in any way involved in the drug trade. Maybe they use...well, they use.. It is wholly run by Colombians. Anyone who interfered in this trade would be a fool or a victim like a mule.. This is not even an equation on your point of safety. The subject has been beaten to death thousands of times on forums. Some people are so afraid they don't like to leave their house. If we all lived that way we wouldn't be living at all.
  • the good part is we all have an opinion
  • If I had my rathers.. I would prefer a small Colombian town. Close enough to hit MDE. The reason is I enjoy a more quiet, tranquill area. Some pueblos don't have the bad elements and shear vollume of all the Cars and Motos. I think for younger guys, MDE is the only place.. but when you find a long term GF or get married, I would opt out.
  • Larry Rose I can do all the drugs I ever want (if I wanted to and I don't) in San Francisco where I come from without any danger of jail or getting involved in the underworld in any way. Why the hell would I come here to do drugs? It's insane that folks come here. You can get busted into a third world jail and meet some pretty tough guys on your journey. Backpackers and others, go home to the states to do drugs if you must. It is simply too dangerous here in Colombia.
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  •  Tell the backpackers to stay in Costa Rica 

  • As ever Gringos know better than Colombiano
  • Larry Rose LOL H
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  •  AS you all know, I am trying in every way I know to help in a very very small way Medellin to get rid of its Mala Fama. Yes it's not safe... but like I said... ah, I'm repeating myself.
  •  I will try in every way to tell the truth and safe US life
  •  I'm not sure why the interest in Colombia if you feel that way?
  • Larry Rose Tendria tu opinion y esto es OK!!
  • Larry Rose

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