Serious about Security... some realistic odds.

IF you check on crime statistic charts on Colombia Reports for example, it seems that  Barrio El Poblado is the safest in town.  Being the richest in town has two effects there however.  One is that there is a wealth of targets there.  But there's also a large police presence since Poblado is the most popular neighborhood for tourists and the well-to-do. ,  What the balance is I can't say.  but...

Barrio El Poblado

 How's my math... I have one in 4 million chance of being shot dead here each day. IF a hundred folks are shot dead here each day... a gross exaggeration... I then have 3,999,900 chances not to be among them.   Should I live scared?
Five years... no rip offs, no crime, and only once did a cab driver take me out of my way knowingly...... what am i doing right.? Others say EVERYBODY GETS RIPPED OFF here, it's only a matter of time they say.  many get drugged, go on an ATM tour with half-crazed rats with knives, stabbed, kidnapped, gunned down by motorcycling robbers, ... whatever.

 I recently know of three people who reading this kind of stuff said they are rethinking coming here or who will never come here.

Oh Larry, get out of your bubble!

My ex had her cellphone stolen twice in San Francisco. That's in California, not Antioquia.

 Am I just lucky? Was I just lucky in San Francisco? Or do street smarts have something to do with it.? New York boy.
Good luck to everyone who on a certain day met that rat who ruined that day and maybe more days, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And I refuse to live scared, and scaring other people is not a game to play. 

Some think it shows something superior in themselves to tell what they think is the "truth" about Medellin.  There are many truths about Medellin just like anywhere.. More negatives here?  Yet most stay. 

... so what do you think? Sure, luck, street smarts, blending in, being polite, careful, no drugs, little alcohol, no putas, hanging out away from tourist areas, preferring Laureles and even  El Centro to El Poblado, .. and a Colombian family that shows me the ropes and into law enforcement doesn't hurt either.
It still remains that I can show you neighborhoods where I lived in San Francisco, NYC,Paris and even Oklahoma City that would have you shaking in your boots. Same here of course. A Big City has its problems BECAUSE it's a big city.  More so here?  Perhaps, but expats, you chose to live here and you stay!  How come??  We all know why!  It is a great place! Si o No? 
With Colombia's history its potential for being a hell hole is great. Is Medellin a hell hole? 25 years ago, for sure. NOW? winning Intl prize after prize for everything from Livability, to Infrastructure to Art, to PEACE, to architecture to Innovation... studied by law enforcement and governments all over the world as a model city even with its problems of history and poverty.
I never blame the victims of crime. And who knows , tomorrow I can end my good luck here. But crime comes with the territory of living unfortunately just about anywhere..

What do you think? More so here? If more so and you are living scared, stop for a minute and list the good things about living here. Publish THOSE to the page too. A little balance ... .Don't  buy in to the Mala Fama, the Bad Rep.  Do what YOU can to lessen it, not promote it. 

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