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Medical Tourism??????

Amazing EPS health care in Medellin..
 from Robert Verhuizen, expat...
Started at 8:30 am with phlebotomist coming to the house to draw blood. Results are emailed by lab same day. $3.00 Then at 9:00 am 5 minute drive to Clinica Somer for: Hitech "Bidimensional" Doppler Electrocardiogram performed by cardiologist. 96 cents. Next was appointment with Urologist. 96 cents. Then full chest Xray. 96 cents. Last was Ecocardiogram of liver, pancreas, kidneys and other organs. 96 cents. Out the door by 11:30 am. Incredible! All appointments made with 3 days notice. Monthly EPS $29 per month for 3 of us. Best part is results are all great. My GP is really into preventative medicine. Parking was the most expensive thing....$3.50. :)
To get on EPS you need to be here on a
 Visa... all except Tourist Visa... easy to get if you are a student at University, are on a pension, marry a Colombian as I did, or buy some inexpensive property. My EPS includes all of my meds for a month for a total o…