Medical Tourism??????

Amazing EPS health care in Medellin..

 from Robert Verhuizen, expat...

 Started at 8:30 am with phlebotomist coming to the house to draw blood. Results are emailed by lab same day. $3.00 Then at 9:00 am 5 minute drive to Clinica Somer for: Hitech "Bidimensional" Doppler Electrocardiogram performed by cardiologist. 96 cents. Next was appointment with Urologist. 96 cents. Then full chest Xray. 96 cents. Last was Ecocardiogram of liver, pancreas, kidneys and other organs. 96 cents. Out the door by 11:30 am. Incredible! All appointments made with 3 days notice. Monthly EPS $29 per month for 3 of us. Best part is results are all great. My GP is really into preventative medicine. Parking was the most expensive thing....$3.50. :)

To get on EPS you need to be here on a Visa... all except Tourist Visa... easy to get if you are a student at University, are on a pension, marry a Colombian as I did, or buy some inexpensive property. My EPS includes all of my meds for a month for a total of... YES, Eighty-seven cents. The plan covers all of us for $89 per month. For an extra $60 per month we get Doctor visits at home, paramedics, and emergency ambulance service.

Even without the program, specialists walk in for $50 incl follow ups, meds so very inexpensive OTC without a prescription. The word is Livability.

Parking downtown, $5 us for high end parking over 8 hours.

MANY doctors speak some English. If you are a friend or family I hereby offer to go with you to translate if necessary. Many studied in the States or in Cuba.
Fly down, get the treatment and meds you need, and have a great vacation paid for by what you save.Adding on to my post on Med care here in Colombia...
Scott does not have dental insurance under EPS, the subsidized health svce. This is the price walking in cold off the street outapocket. I do have EPS and for me??? All for about $5 US.


I held off on a rootcanal that I needed until I got to Medellin. With my Delta Plan the US dentist wanted Delta PLUS another $1800!!!!
In Medellin at a fancy upscale office I got the Root Canal, total dental services, X ray, cleaning and whitening for $400..even before I was on the EPS plan. I emailed the office from the US.  The doctor askede, in perfect English when I am coming down.  I had my appointment the day after the flight!  Dentist ARTIKA, el Poblado. 


cott Unkefer Shares his experience......
16 mins ·
¨´Tooth xray $5. Root canal, sculpted and filled chipped molar, $125. How much did such a procedure cost one of you in the u.s. if you had it done? I would imagine $3,000. colombia rocks and the u.s. sucks on such a thing. And the last time I went to a dentist in the u.s. they took the liberty to xray my whole mouth and organize filling 'cavities' all over the place without my consent and billing me. I don't think i've ever walked out of a u.s. dental practice for less than 5 grand. basically fleecing and corruption.¨´

NOT coming here for all your medical and medicinal needs is in my opinion simply NUTS! Even with Medicare, ACA and something like Kaiser or Delta Dental. Oh, and bye bye ACA, and Medicaid Medicare is next??? .
BTW, Medellin has six of the top 10 rated hospitals in Latin America and they have special interpreters for you even though many of the staff have reasonable English.
Walk in the Country

WINTER FUN IN Sta Fe de Antioquia.. 

Come, relax, enjoy, and get your medical services done!

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