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A Retiree’s Morning in Medellin

I wondered what retirement would be like especially after my savings and my home in California got leveled in the 2008 Depression.  It didn’t look good.  It would have been a serious drop in my standard of living.  Health care, car costs, utility bills, rent, were eating up what I got from my teacher pension and small Social Security payments.

I was thinking about this today as I walked my favorite route to Belen Park in Medellin.  I had found a way in the neighborhood of Belen Rosales, Bethlehem of the Roses, to pass through six landscaped, flowery pocket parks surrounding my home.  Belen Rosales is not considered posh, mainly level four out of six such in Medellin, but it is lovely and extremely walkable.  The rents are low , extremely low  by US standards.  So we, my new family and I, make it easily.

Here I live with my new Colombian wife, Beatriz, and her daughter, our daughter, 10 year old Andrea.

After our usual breakfast, typically a corn arepa flapj…