Playing Scrabble in Spanish

In my home in Medellin we play Scrabble in Spanish. Tiles incl CH, LL, and RR and Ñ but no K. The board is the same.

Spanish Scrabble takes advantage of one word sentences, with verbs adding endings seemingly with no end in sight. like Ver, to see, becoming VERELO... I will see it. or pregunta, a question, becoming PREGUNTASE, ask yourself.

Pregunta can become.. Preguntar, preguntare, preguntaras, preguntas, preguntaremos, preguntareis, preguntan.... many more.

In my family names of places or famous people are allowed as are scientific symbols like Nd for Neodymium, uhhh Neodimio, lb, for libra, mg for milligram etc. We each sit with a fotocopy of the Periodic Table.

Che is a favorite word. Guevara a little more difficult. No Qi or Ka, staples of Words with Friends. BTW, the Q is only 5 points.... using my laptop I found Qi, a founder of a dinastia real de Chino... so I used it.  Yes, looking up stuff BEFORE playing a word is OK on laptop or dictionary. NO PENALTY for a non-existant word being challenged.

Foreign words used worldwide are not allowed, such as FEZ, the hat, but FEZ the city is OK. No luau, no umiak *K is a problem, no USA but there is that famous city in zen, no tao..

OH, and words can be placed in one direction, left to right...or backwards... same with vertical bottom up or up down.  Not diagonally.

With these rules I can even win sometimes. Wild!!! My winning move is usually something like Zr in two directions with Z on a triple. Or Xe, or Zn. It pisses my family off that there is not an element that uses J.
My WWF buddies need to imagine going back and forth from WWF to "eScrabblay".

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