NARCOS... My opinion..

NARCOS....  great show, but helping to keep Colombia poor.

Larry Rose Colombia is naturally a very rich country with production of fruits, emeralds, gold, oil, coffee, uranium, rare metals, coal,  chocolate and more. US corps own much of these and have used paramilitaries over history to see that the money flows one way. Cocaine? The money flowed south... All are cartels. Only one was not controlled by the US. The costs of the drug cartel was borne by the people of Colombia even though the cash came from the First World. An aside... Panama. Do you know that it was a state in Colombia until the US wanted a canal? We started a fake revolution with payoffs to thugs, US arms, advisors and gunships on both coasts.
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Edward James Gran Colombia! Ever hear about William Walker and the crap he pulled in Central America?
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Larry Rose
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Larry Rose Cocaine addiction in the US should be treated as what it is... a health problem. Limon said "What if cocaine were legal?" The Narcos would be outta business as criminals, in business like the beer barons, whiskey barons, tobacco barons, ... Respected members of the community. Respected members of the community even though death follows in their wake. Is cocaine more harmful than alcohol? Than cigarettes? uhhh no. They once criminalized beer.. the result? The Mafia. So what makes anyone think that Narcos are caused by anything other than criminalization?
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Larry Rose The worst thing that happened to Colombia as a result of US drug policies is the Bad Rep, the Mala Fama, which keeps tourism and investment away from Colombia.. Great Show, but a major contributor to keeping Colombia poor. One of many such in the media.

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