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Are there any lively pubs/hangouts around Laureles with a significant gringo/English speaking clientele? I know it's more of a Poblado thing, but a friend with limited Spanish is coming to visit me in Laureles, and he'd appreciate a place like that closer to home, if it exists.

On La 33 east of Bullerrias circle, and of course on La Setenta near #Estadio.  Cannot guarantee gringos.. so good luck.  Colombians with a little English are much more interesting in any case. pay  Americans take cab to Poblado.Why would anyone travel here and want to talk to other Americans?
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Joseph Hogue Two places, both coffee shops. Cafe Revolucion close to UPB and Nutibara, Las Ondas close to Estacion Floresta
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Jason Crawford May also be worth checking out the Wandering Paisa for something more nightlife-ish. They have a variety of events from language exchanges to open-mic nights. They shut down rather early, but he'll probably be able to meet some other foreigners there...See More

Felipe Jaramillo Caf√© Revoluci√≥n might be what you're looking for. Pretty chill place with great service. I believe it's close to the Segundo Parque in Laureles
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Larry Rose
WEstadio is nearbyrite a comment...

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