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my Favorite Restaurants in Medellin

I am not a shill…     Maybe not all are simply the best, Let us just call them MY favorites… all I can say is that I enjoy the food, service, and ambience of…in no special order..

And your opinions are not germane to MY favorite list… Add yours!

Il Forno- yes, superior Italian Hato Viejo-at Oviedo and Las Palmas Carmen Albenzu-- belen San Carbon-las Palmas Pelegrino in Sabaneta Catalunya in Sabaneta Sirokkas in Parque Secondo de Laureles El Rancherito… yes I do Asia.. las Palmas Sushi Taste -  laureles La Peruana in Secondo Parque Bonuar in Ciudad del Rio The terrace at El Museo de Antioquia El Tecuate Mexican// Laureles

Fave Pizza- Price Smart food court Fave Hamburger - Ay Caramba Tex Mex Bacon burger
Best Desayuno y Almuerzo… My house.


OK.. I gotta pull rank! Some of you said...Anthony Bourdain who loves the food is a jerk. CNN is full of shit. Martha Stewart, she too. Pulling RANK...I grew up in New York, lived in San Francisco for thirty years, traveled extensively in Europe, especially France where I lived for some while, and I AM THE ULTIMATE FOODIE! Here is a short LIST OF A FEW of the Great culinary experiences I have had.. in SF.. PacificCafe, Thomas Keller”s The French Laundry and Julia”s Kitchen in Napa *yes that Julia*, Alice Waters” Chez Panisse, The Wood Tavern, The Hotel Mack, and so many other great restaurants in that foodie capital of the US .. and in France, Leon de Lyon, Paul Bocuse, Cafe de la Paix, Freres Trois Gros, Cafe de Casino in Evian, so many more.. Michelin Stars abound. The last few nights in Medellin we had culinary experiences that while not as snooty or not nearly so expensive as those above, were close in quality, preparation and presentation .. 8 or 9 vs 10. I will not mention name…