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OK.. I gotta pull rank! Some of you said...Anthony Bourdain who loves the food is a jerk. CNN is full of shit. Martha Stewart, she too.
Pulling RANK...I grew up in New York, lived in San Francisco for thirty years, traveled extensively in Europe, especially France where I lived for some while, and I AM THE ULTIMATE FOODIE!
Here is a short LIST OF A FEW of the Great culinary experiences I have had.. in SF.. PacificCafe, Thomas Keller”s The French Laundry and Julia”s Kitchen in Napa *yes that Julia*, Alice Waters” Chez Panisse, The Wood Tavern, The Hotel Mack, and so many other great restaurants in that foodie capital of the US .. and in France, Leon de Lyon, Paul Bocuse, Cafe de la Paix, Freres Trois Gros, Cafe de Casino in Evian, so many more.. Michelin Stars abound.
The last few nights in Medellin we had culinary experiences that while not as snooty or not nearly so expensive as those above, were close in quality, preparation and presentation .. 8 or 9 vs 10. I will not mention names because I don”t want to be accused of an ulterior motive… but last night we had Supremes de Poulet Cordon Bleu with Serrano ham and gouda melt, accompanied by Brown Rice with Coco and Raisins, and a fine tropical fruit and avocado salad with a touch of Italian balsamic vinegar. Dessert was a strawberry ice cream cake, coffee and finally a shot of local rum.
The night before we had a smoked Scottish salmon Carpaccio with capers and quail eggs, a portobello mushroom covered with elements of a Mediterranean salad and shared a first rate portion of the house Lasagna. Dessert was a cinnamon flan and coffee.
And the night before, Tipico, with costilla barbecoa, frjoles Antiqueno, a Quinoa salad lika a ciouscous with mint, and white dirty rice.
The food in Medelluin is great because it is up and coming, with fine ingredients and dedicated chefs and their staffs.
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Cesar Alvarez well, not to sound snooty, but the best food I've had in Medellin is "Papa Rellena with a shite load of Ají Picante", Mondogo is ok as well as the "Frijoles Antioqueños" ... but again, I favor the spicy stuff, most of the stuff you mentioned is short on "aliños"
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David Dame Medellin misses on low cost super delicious food. I am a street food person and Medellin has the least inspired street food
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Cesar Alvarez Exactly, don't get me started on the hot dogs, I'm not expecting Vienna beef, but Zenú tastes like nothing and then the hard boiled quails egg ... oh yeah and the mustard that tastes like pineapple sauce
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Larry Rose Yes, there are many mistakes made by folks because of their tradition... Ketchup on Spaghetti is popular in my house. But you can get wonderful aged long cooked real Italian meat sauce on your pasta at many places.
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Larry Rose Hot dogs are not Kosher of course, but Dogger is tasty with all of their condiments heaped on. But Michelin stars do not go to hotdog joints. David Dame, I have had folks from the states who told me they were excited about the street food here.
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Larry Rose

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Jess Barofsky I'm going have to share a plate of chunchurria with Cesar. Seriously this is good to here, very expensive to go out to eat here in Florida. I spent $150 for the two of us.
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Larry Rose Cesar Alvarez Bring a bottle of hot sauce with you. And dump it on what they serve you. That is NOT what I was talking about. Or go to one of the fine Mexican restaurants if that is what you want. And as far as street food goes David Dame SF has crabs at Fishermans Wharf and I left NY too early to appreciate their food wagons. Food wagons are interesting but hardly Michelin worthy. Street food here in Medellin I like salpicon, chorizo and corn on the cob barbecued... but not equivalent to what I heard about the States. But I was not discussing that. Stuufed potato is really the best food you had in Medellin, Cesar, ? Im sure it was delicious but you can Try harder. Jess Barofsky dinner for two at The French Laundry in Napa cost $250 seven years ago without wine. And there was a two month wait for reservations. It has a Michelin star. Im talking Michelin and David is talking street food and Cesar is talking Jalapeno sauce with garlic. All can be wonderful! But when CNN says that Medellin is a foodie capital they are talking about exceptional world class restaurants here. And Anthony Bourdain raved about Tipico restaurants and even a Sancocho prepared on a roof in Barrio Santo Domingo, Medellin.
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Cesar Alvarez Adding hot sauce is not the same, I've tried a couple of churrascarías and they tasted like they didn't even salted the meat before cooking
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Larry Rose

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Jess Barofsky The dinner was over $200 with the wine. I'm happy that Medellin has some good places to dine. I'd love to find a Jamaican restaurant if one exists.
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Cesar Alvarez San carbón was OK but still lacked seasoning, that's why I mostly gave up on eating out in medellín, but I'll take suggestions wink emoticon
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Jess Barofsky I saw the same Bourdain program. I wouldn't rave on Sancocho but it can been quite satisfying but it's not close to a Michelin star dinning experience.
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Cesar Alvarez I'm afraid I missed that show, but the one where he went to tijuana was spot on
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Jess Barofsky Check YouTube Cesar , I believe you can find it there.
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Larry Rose Sancocho and mondongo are not my favorites either.. just comfort food... along with Cazuelas and ajiacco. both of which are excellent to my taste. I order them a lot.
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Cesar Alvarez Now that i know there are two kinds of ajiaco, it's been easier to find one i like
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Larry Rose
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Cesar Alvarez One thing I noticed is that most home cooked meals are full of MSG, not just the ricostilla or the chicken bullion, but the "color" and most of the "spices" used in home cooking
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Larry Rose A Michelin star is given for ambience, service, dedication, consistently high service and of course the consistent quality of the food. In France when a restaurant gains or loses a star it is BIG news. That Kellers resto in Napa got a star was BIG BIG BIG news in California.
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Larry Rose My home is MSG and bouillon free. Where do you eat? btw MSG has been proven to be harmless in food.
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Cesar Alvarez OK, maybe medellín is a foodie paradise when you have a lot of money but for "casual" eating out it does leave a lot to be desired ... so far the best pizza I've had is domino's and haven't found a good place for pasta
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Larry Rose So damned inexpensive it is laughable to say you gotta be rich.
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Cesar Alvarez Didn't say rich, but takings into account the local minimum wage ... maybe wink emoticon
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Larry Rose Good point Cesar Alvarez... Well not raving about Medellin will stifle investment and tourism... so poverty will be a problem for longer. So I rave..too much, I know, but I love just about everything about Medellin.
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Cesar Alvarez At least Carulla has a lot of the stuff I like, specially the Pomona brand cold cuts ... I can't stand Zenú
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Larry Rose

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Jess Barofsky Last night it was Texas De Brazil for us. My wife is vegetarian btw. They have one heck of a salad bar btw.
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Karen Cilman Larry, I believe you! And I love Anthony Bourdain. BTW, he is a Vassar dropout smile emoticon

The only thing "gonzo gastronome" and…
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Larry Rose No body called Bourdain a jerk in so many words, instead they said that Biourdain likes everything and raves for ratings and kick backs. I cannot prove a negative. Why not just accept good reviews of Medellin without attacking with no basis at all? ...See More
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Larry Rose with tip, and no taxes of course...
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Larry Rose Of Medellin Bourdain said.. Who would want to live anywhere else! Do you disagree? I have some suggestions for other fine places to live.
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Larry Rose Well, no spoilers please.. We are off to see Star Wars at Los Molinos... Eat well.
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Larry Rose Darth Vader is Luke"s father??? OMG!
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Karen Cilman Cue the Magic Flute overture smile emoticon
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Jess Barofsky If I can get a word in before you pizza is much better then Dominos.
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Larry Rose And the Pizza at Price Smart is the most like New York and therefore the best, after Jess"s
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Larry Rose Medellin will not have a Michelin star anytime soon. It takes tradition and a culture of cuisine that we do not have yet. BUT the CNN coverage this week has to get some of their people thinking, and maybe, just maybe, investigating. I hope so.
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Larry Rose Check my blog tomorrow and maybe, if you trust me to not be getting any kickbacks, I wilol list some of my favorites. Since it was mentioned Ilike San Carbon, but others better for Tipico and parrilla. My blog

Larry Rose came to Medellin about four years ago. Since then he's found a creative, dynamic, upfront city…
Larry Rose

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