Fall in love with Colombia? Here is why

These are their stories.
More than 130,000 foreigners have fallen in love with Colombia’s culture, landscapes and the warmth of its people after just one visit, according to the National Statistics Department (DANE). And they are all kinds of people, from adventurous young students to pensioners who wanted to retire in the heart of the Colombian countryside.
Here an Australian, Frenchwoman, German and an American explain why they decided to stay.

“Colombia is synonymous with adventure”

Gone were the Dandenong mountain ranges and bay beaches of his native Melbourne. In their place were the mountain trails of Chile, home to Travis Crockett as he followed in the footsteps of hundreds of intrepid young backpackers, seeking adventure in Latin America.
When I was travelling, they spoke about Colombia in every country but no-one said anything specific, just ‘Colombia is really cool,’” he said. That piqued Travis’s curiosity and after journeying through the Andean landscapes of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, he finally came to our country.
And it seemed like Colombia had been awaiting him with open arms. “I like the way Colombians welcome foreigners,” he says. “They are willing to share their history and culture with others and they make you feel at home.”
Travis came to Latin America in search of adventure and found it in Colombia, a country that has not only given him a family, but the chance to open La Villa, a place where he helps fellow foreigners discover the magic of the land they now call home. (See “Learning a language only costs you a coffee”)

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