FRACKING... US and Colombia...

Stupid, uninformed and outrageous....

I just got an anti-fracking petition to tell Gov. Brown to ban fracking in CA like Gov Cuomo did in NY.

Californians etc, IF YOU Sign it, in a few years more of deadly ruinous continuing coal and nukes and damming rivers you and perhaps the rest of the states and Colombia too will be begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela to please give you some oil... 

Breathe deep of the pollution and the climate killing coal fires.

NOW NY will get its natural gas from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania will also get all the taxes and jobs, not NY.. Nimby sneaks. 

Where  will CA get its Natural Gas? 

The WORST case of Nimby Hypocrisy is Germany... Germany banned fracking AND is touting its solar and removal of nukes.  Energy costs in Germany are the highest in Europe and are six times that of the US!
Russia sends natural gas to so-called GREEN Germany along with French nuclear-based electricity that the Germans buy while continuing to shriek that they will be nuclear free in a few years. The Green Party is powerful in is rampant NIMBY and hypocrisy. It's all for show.  

Amongst most of my very intelligent friends fracking is a nasty word... this attitude and opinion that they demonstrate and possess  is simply wrong.  I was going to say "In my opinion".  But I don't have an opinion.  I have the facts and evidence because I am an earth scientist and educator and I have studied exactly in this specialty for many years.  Still they continue to "Know what they know".   About ten of my friends on FB etc agree with me...not surprisingly these are also scientists and educators and folks who have some insight into energy and the energy industry.  The rest are adamantly ensconced in their anti-frack belief based on... ?  I dunno. 

WHY should this be so???

The reality is that WE need nat gas (including Colombia) as the cleaner alternative until Green Tech catches up.. 15-25 years are the estimates... meanwhile... Ban Fracking??? That's simply crazy.

What about the exploding SINKS????

Did you know that well water in sinks was blowing up in Pennsylvania long  BEFORE any fracking,  and the writers etc of GASLAND admitted this year that they knew it? $$$ THey duped millions and won all sorts of awards for their TWO despicable lying films.

There have been 2 million fracked wells in the US and only 1000 complaints on the operations, some few maybe at aquifers but the rest about noise, and lights and unpicturesque drill rigs. 1000 out of 2 million since 1948.

That is a spectacular safety record for any industrial process and doubly amazing when such a large scale process is considered.

And when the wells are finished and are producing natural gas for our homes, industries, cars and buses,  and the drill rigs go away they leave a three foot pipe head on a small cement base. No pumps, no storage tanks...just a pipe.

NO damage to aquifers even though there have been a minute number of spills of drilling fluids and fracking fluids on the surface which might seep a few tens of feet into the soil- those mistakes are so costly in fines and public relations even though they don't threaten any aquifers that they are the last thing any company wants.  It is uniformly the small producers maybe cutting some corners who get caught with these accidents or greedy mistakes.  But the press jumps on these and paints the entire industry with this hysterical brush.  No more small earthquakes after the fracking and rechatge occurs... barely noticeable at best but can really pluck the hysteria strings of the uninformed...

...and natural gas is the BEST alternative (for now ) to the awful energy sources we have been using and misusing with impunity.  Name another.  Or do you really want to go back to 1840???  Some of my friends wouldn't mind living freezing in the dark in Berkeley rather than to use a hydrocarbon of any type.....but by whom and how will their next bicycle be manufactured and in what sort of way will their non-GMO food be delivered to them from the farms, or grown without tractors ....   How will they get to work? Light the streets, light the schools, pave the roads?  
larry Rose, 2014-2015
"No one is entitled to an opinion without doing some research first". -Me
"The first refuge of the factless is a conspiracy theory." -Me or someone else, not sure.

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