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We’re Moving
The moving men are coming Saturday at 7 AM.  There’s a house full of furniture and personal effects of three adults and a seven year old little girl.  The Barbies are prodigious.  We’re moving less than half a mile from our beautiful  Barrio Laureles street to a beautiful street in Barrio Rosales, one neighborhood over.  Our new place is on the second floor with only the garage and storage on the first.  It has a large balcony on the street side that reaches almost underneath the trees.  There’s a view of the mountains to the east.  It has a large sala and comedor (open living and dining room), three large bedrooms and an auxiliary sleeping space in the housekeeper’s quarters off the large kitchen, and full laundry with the typical laundry drying area open to the sky.  There are two bathrooms whereas our place in Laureles has four.  But there is a flat roof accessed from inside the apartment by fixed stairs that has even better views and benches and a barbecue. It’s a lar…

Medellin Graffiti

In 2012, local artists were invited to paint murals alongside the escalators in Comuna 13. This one, "The Lovers" by A. Ortiz, was one of my favorites. Like ·  ·  Larry RoseIt's strongly recommended that lone tourists do not visit the escalator. Bad vibes in Comuna 13. Too bad. I've never seen it. But I gotta say that there is a high level of wall art / graffiti in Medellin. We just got our local highway overpass done by some local folk. I;ll send pictures at a later date. Impressive work.

Foto Faves Medellin y Cartagena, 2014


FUTBOL keepsake article


Classical Music in Medellin Features Well-Known Tunes... June thru July

Classical Music in Medellin Features Well-Known Tunes Enjoy Great Music LIVE!!!!!

at the Teatro Metropolitano, MEDELLIN

Wednesday, June 25, at 8 p.m.  Adrianna Varela sings Tango as part of the concert series “Patio de Tango - Argentina to Medellin”

Sunday, June 29, at 7 p.m. Raul Garello will lead the Orquestra de Tango of the Medellin Music School Network (  La Red  ).  

Sunday, July 6, at 11 a.m. Children’s Opera.  “Hansel and Gretel” by Humperdink.  This is not a collection of children’s music but a theater experience for all ages. The time of day makes it especially available to families.  The music is very sophisticated and lovely running the emotional gamut that the Grimm fairy tale lays out.  You will recognize most of the tunes you hear especially the haunting Child’s Evening Prayer. From Hansel and Gretel

Friday, July 11, at 8 p.m. Filharmed de Medellin, our orchestra, will perform the little gem, Beethoven’s Symphony #2, rarely heard in concert, and the very big Grieg Piano Conc…

US BANDS have Colombia on Radar

Look here for music schedules especially classical and jazz and a commentary on the music which I hope will enhance your enjoyment of attending live music in Medellin..  Also check David Lee's "Medellin Living" blog for a complete calendar of musical and cultural events.