We’re Moving

The moving men are coming Saturday at 7 AM.  There’s a house full of furniture and personal effects of three adults and a seven year old little girl.  The Barbies are prodigious.  We’re moving less than half a mile from our beautiful  Barrio Laureles street to a beautiful street in Barrio Rosales, one neighborhood over.  Our new place is on the second floor with only the garage and storage on the first.  It has a large balcony on the street side that reaches almost underneath the trees.  There’s a view of the mountains to the east.  It has a large sala and comedor (open living and dining room), three large bedrooms and an auxiliary sleeping space in the housekeeper’s quarters off the large kitchen, and full laundry with the typical laundry drying area open to the sky.  There are two bathrooms whereas our place in Laureles has four.  But there is a flat roof accessed from inside the apartment by fixed stairs that has even better views and benches and a barbecue. It’s a large area and we’re going to use it often, especially in the evenings. We might even be able to see the stars.  And on the roof is another one room studio apartment which is ours to use with full bath, so that makes three.  This will enable us to entertain visitors. So while smaller than Laureles, there is in many ways more usable space.  Price  $650/month whereas the Laureles place cost us $875/month being almost 5000 square feet.  Cost of moving  $150.  Ah Medellin….

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