So Bogtown or Meddy??  wah??

Medellin A Few Fotos...
I asked my Colombian cousin who lives in Bogota what she likes most about the city. She thought and thought..."uhhh my friends" was her answer That says it all. If her friends were in Boyaca she would love Boyaca. So she had NO reason to love Bogota... in late twenties, educated, beautiful cousin only likes Bogota because her friends are there. Help me understand what it is that YOU like in Bogota.

    What's the best time to travel to Medellin in Colombia? Here are some facts: IT IS ALWAYS SPRINGLIKE IN MEDELLIN>>> ALL YEAR LONG!!!!
    On average, the temperatures are always high. Seventies to low eighties,

    Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November.AFTERNOON THUNDER BOOMERS... general rainy day is VERY RARE!
    On average, the warmest month is July.---- 82 degree highs.
    On average, the coolest month is Ma.... 74 degree highsy.
    October is the wettest month. Thunder boomers 4-5 b days a week in the late afternoons...But still the weather is ideal for touring and sightseeing.
    January is the driest month.
    See my blog for graphs etc... but it is the City of Eternal Spring... Seriously wonderful weather... NOT HOT!!!  Mountain weather moved near the Equator equals wonderful. 
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  • Anne Burton I love the Candelaria, I love the Universidad Externado de Colombia, I love other things too such as : the view I have of the eastern cordillera from my house, the weather despite the rain (I am British you see), I love being able to live in a vibrant city yet have access to warm, tropical climates within just a few hours, I love the people, the shopping, I love the buzz and many more things. I hate how the city has been left to rack and ruin by a number of bad administrators but nowhere is perfect is it?
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera my wife studied at the Externado theres so many things to mention besides what you just did Anne Burton La Calera and the view from the top of the mountain is probably the best and i dare say then monserrate
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  • Anne Burton Exactly Harry but there is only so much you can put in a post on fb. 
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera I know what you mean Ann Anne Burton but with each comment we can keep adding a little
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  • Rob Danks Bogota is full of architectural and historical treasures that you just don't find in Medellin since they demolished them all to building carparks. The food in Bogota is a million times better. The bars are better. They have better concerts. It's more ...See More
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  • Larry Rose Great comments... keep 'em coming! Rob Danks, terrific defense of Bogota! With the dysfunctional weather and altitude I am always uncomfortable there (three times). Of course my cousin from Bogota hated how hot !!! Medellin was. She calls perfect weather hot so you know she is used to Bogota... understandable, si o no?!.
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  • Larry Rose I have two friends, 60 yers old or so, who took some High School time in Bogota. Their memories run deep and dear. Somehow they never made it to Medellin. But they loved Bogota and Cartagena.... maybe it was too dangerous to visit Medellin then and they were discourged to go. NOT so today of course.
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  • Larry Rose ahhhhh Botero......
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  • Larry Rose I look like a Botero...jajajaja
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera back in the day Larry Rose when Pablo Escobar was around Medellin got its bad name worldwide after he was wiped things changed and i visited nice city indeed and for the most part people that will hate Bogota are Paisas thats the honest truth but me being a Gringo and learning from the outside in in I dont carry that sht.........Bogota my friend has just as much as NYC has to offer I'm not narrow minded
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LARRY ADDS....Harry, ARE YOU SERIOUS????  Bogota has as much to offer as New York City?  Everything else you said I understand... but that is a little much.  NYC is the center of the WORLD, not the capital of a wonderful but small  nation that is wonderful,  Nowhere else is anything like NYC with its mix of cultures,  and economic POWER centered there for the world.  

  • Mark Firth I always feel that comparing bogota and medellin is like (excuse my ignorance) comparing San Fran and New York, in that, everyone has a favorite and for completely different reasons. None is wrong
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera but one thing is being pushy about it not knowing how to express yourself in a educated manner and the other is commentating about your views.............btw I like my arepas rellenas not
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera Mark Firth thats a whole different story thats a EAST COAST WEST COAST Thing ...LOL.BUT YES INDEED
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LARRY ADDS.....No I have lived most of mt life EXACTLY in San Francisco and NYC.  It is a difference of style, classiness, bustle versus Irish Coffee, the subway vs the Cable Cr...not the coasts.
  • Rob Danks I hate arepas (except chocolo which I love) but I am not about to start a thread to try convince anyone that they taste like cardboard.
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera her in barranquilla cant get good arepas de chocolo con queso and almojabanas which moms visting me and bought a bag full
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  • Mark Firth It's spelt 'racist' not recist 
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  • Juan Fernando Giraldo Bogota has a lot to offer! Great nightlife and awesome restaurants. If you have the money, you will sure find a lot to do in that city.
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  • Niall Moore The road out is my favourite part
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera indeed you need money to enjoy bogota I agree thats why I really dont see why the negative rap unless your a leech on people waiting to get invited by A gringo like me
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  • Doyle Coatney Bogota has the Andres Carne de Res restaurant and Medellin doesn't. Otherwise, I didn't find anything I liked more. To me, Bogota is like Chicago, just a big city and Medellin, like San Francisco or New Orleans, a city with charm.
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  • Quijote Dela Mancha Bogota is a melting pot made up of people from all over the country, for being such a populated city one can expect good and bad interactions, people with your views are poor traveled with questionable levels of education,   HOMBRE__ CALMATE!!!  full of bigotry and resentment towards the outside world( your comments expose this) endlessly rehashing the one sided and old statement "rolos are bad, rolos hate us etc," (mainly coming from narrow minded people) the dangers of the city have shaped them to be mistrustful, the rolos mind about their own business, by the way I'm from Colombia but not rolo, in the end this issue is petty talk, I've lived all over Colombia, and I have appreciation for all Colombian ethnicities
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera EXACTLY Quijote Dela Mancha thank you and if we continue hatred amongst our own people its never going to end ITS Folks like US who rather not continue the Hatred trust me I've made many Friends that here me out here in Barranquilla...........Yes maybe...See More
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  • Harry Olaya Herrera well Larry Rose there you have it Bogota is not so bad after let us know when you startthe blog..................cheers!
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  • Larry Rose well I'm back...looks like you guys been busy saying wonderful things about Bog Town And MEDDDD and each other! jajajajajajaja... Smile guys... It's my birthday!
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  • Larry Rose
    • Harry Olaya Herrera Thanks Larry Rose i'm feeling calm already
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    • Anne Burton I just love Colombia and all Colombians - such a gorgeous country, been here many years and know my way around and how things work. I also tend not to compare cultures whether here or around the world. Thank you Harry.
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    • Harry Olaya Herrera Me too Anne Burton i've traveled to Europe and Asia to name a few and was born and grew up across the the Bridge into NYC and never had encountered an issue with any race and even colombians from all over embrace each other no matter where from in colombia......I'm glad you enjoy Colombia as much as we do have a pleasant evening and forgive us with all this that went on but thats the jist of it!cheers!
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    • Anne Burton Harry, must be nice and warm in B'quilla, here we are wearing ruanas and Wellington boots lol. Enjoy your evening too.
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    • Harry Olaya Herrera I know trust Moms visiting from SUBA and have Family in Cota as well where its even colder.........the warm weather is a nice change from NJ trust me but you learn to live with the heat and expense electricity aguardiente is much better to keep warm NECTAR SIN AZUCAR then I minus la ruana
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    • Anne Burton I am curious, your wife is an Externadista, then did she study law. I have worked there for over twenty years, in the Law School, maybe we met at some stage, do ask her please.
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    • Harry Olaya Herrera I will gotta check shes 42 so not sure on the year she graduated currently shes pat taking in the novena downstairs while i wait a call from the states that i missed your almost colombian yourself
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    I hope you don't mind that I edited the invective.  It did not ad much to the discussion...

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