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MEDELLIN ZOORevolutionizing the Zoo --- a  Medellin Story

Tik Tik Tik… the click of a 200 peso coin and a little whistle and over to us swam the nutria, a South American river otter, in its brand new enclosure to lie on the shelf about a foot away from our noses.  We were at the Medellin Zoo!  Al Zoologico Santa Fe de Medellin!
The plexiglass window made the nutria  approachable while still being safe from us.   It was able to enjoy its pool, its mates and their pond lined with plants and rocks exactly as they would live in the wild.  No cages, no bars, no phoney props.
It was just the zoo’s new director, Dra Sandra Correa, her intern, grad student Juan-Camilo Mora, a bunch of kids on a field trip and me standing in front of the newest and most forward-looking enclosure in our zoo.
“It will be slow.  Our conversion has begun and is doing well, but it will be a while before we can complete our present plans”, Juan-Camilo translated.  “We depend almost 100 percent on admissions and occa…