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MEDELLIN Astounds Visitors!

How cool life here in Medellin is...  NOT JUST a FEW of US THINK SO.... SakiToronto
I have visited this fascinating city 5 times over the last 3 years. The paisas are the most wonderful, warmest and accomodating people in all my latin travels. Visit the Fernando Botero museum, great shopping at El Tesoro and Santa Fe, fantastic night life at El Poblado. The city is full of christmas lights and decorations that are breathtaking and a must see around christmas. Enjoy the festival of flowers in late July and early August. Visit some of the beautiful botanical gardens and enjoy the greenish scenery. Like all other major cities use extreme caution when travelling to parts of the city that you should not be. The only downfall is the noise and nightlife never stops.I married a paisas and was the best thing that ever happened. robAtl
I'll be there in June to shoot photos. Looking forward to it. It will be my second time in Colombia. It's a wonderful country and the people are very fr…