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Rose colored glasses... My great friend from the SF Bay area,Lindsay, finally called my bluff and asked me what was the Catch in Medellin? It is not for everyone for retirement or for visiting... so here was my reply... Lindsay is very happy for me and sees that I have really got it good. But she rightfully asked "What's the catch? Can it really be like  heaven on earth., the portrait you paint?" Well, it has a very nasty reputation... 25 years ago there was Pablo Escobar.
 Is there still drug related crime here? Is there still drug related crime in California? 
Does it have the woes of a city of 3 million? Yes, but it has won international PRESTIGIOUS prizes for urban planning, livability, and care for its poor, for Progress from a time when the reputation was deserved, and that makes Medellin even more amazing.
Are tourists in danger here More than elsewhere? When tourists get in trouble in San Francisco it is usually late at night after partying. They show off their …