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Drugs and/ or Sex Tourism -the Lowdown

Marijuana and Cocaine...

If you are so paranoid about using M and/or C in the US that it forces you to go outtta the country, change the laws back there.  Doing M and /or C is not a reason for visiting Colombia.  But you should know the laws anyway.  Makes sense?  So do the M and C laws here in Colombia.  They're not based on poor science, prejudice, religious fanaticism, or outmoded protectionism vis-a-vis alcohol. 

Click here for article from Global Post- decriminalization...

While we're at it, sexual tourism is a US FEDERAL CRIME--- a FELONY--- punishable by up to 30 years in the Federal Penitentiary of their choice. 

Click here for NOLO article on Sexual Tourism

In the US Federal Statutes a minor is anyone under the age of EIGHTEEN... no matter what the age of consent is in the country to which you have traveled.

From what I can tell the crime of Sexual Tourism is applicable if the main  purpose for your trip is to use prostitutes.   Take a chance?  Is it worth it?  

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