Afraid of .... Shudder... Medellin?

Hello... My future brother-in-law Martin has a patient who is British and is here on business. She hates going back to London. Her husband refuses to move to "shudder" Colombia. So she is sending him my blog to convince him about how splendid it is here and maybe just maybe... she says he might be wavering.
Oh and my blog has a translate key to just about any language from the original English.
Larry Rose So even a Brit might understand it. (HUH?)
Sam Barsky So what's your commission from the Colombia government? Is it on a per potential hostage basis?
Jess Barofsky You can use me as a reference Larry. I would be happy to send you all my contact #'s to share with him . As a matter of fact if this gentleman is reading my comment he can contact/friend me and I would share with him the story of how I came to find paradise in Medellin.
Jess Barofsky Looks like the post before mine is from a Barsky but somehow I think we are separated by more then the OF part of our last name. Sam the same offer goes for you as well.
Sam Barsky No chance in hell. Florida is bad enough.
Jess Barofsky I'm in South Florida at the moment and I would agree with you Sam.
Sam Barsky West coast here. Dodging sinkholes.
Jess Barofsky I'm 15 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale. No sinkholes here. trust me on Medellin...there's a lot of good things going on there.
Larry Rose Since 2010 there have been two Americans taken hostage in Colombia. One was released after four days, the other was killed. Your remark was very funny..But Seriously... do you think I would invite non-stop all of my friends and family down here if it were as dangerous as you think? How many Americans were kidnapped in the Us since 2010???
Larry Rose Sam is my brother-in -law's brother and one of my favorite people in the world. He is merely expressing the common thought in the US, as you know, about our great city down here. We need to work a bit harder.
Larry Rose Sam, and on my $3000 per month teacher's pension I have a beautiful fiancee, a splendid new Colombian family, a 5000 sq ft apt in the best part of town and ideal weather and great medical care in a city that for all of it's former faults is one of the most beautiful places I know with all sorts of culture and refinement and a Latin beat.
Jess Barofsky My biggest gift is discovering Medellin when I was in my 20's and now even 30 years later I still love it but even more. 5000 sq. ft apt in America ? Beautiful fiancee ? Best part of town ? Yes that's the American dream but you know why they call it th...See More
Larry Rose